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How to Keep Her :-D

To all the women that are outraged about the blog I posted regarding How to Keep Him – this one’s for you. You know I wouldn’t leave you hanging. Men need to learn tips on how to keep us just as much as we need to learn […]

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Carpe Diem: Seize the Day

I don’t get to leave the office much but yesterday an opportunity arose for me to leave and meet a client. After two hours, we talked about everything under the sun. I love to get to know people; I feel there’s always room to learn from others. […]

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How to Keep Him :-)

Ok, so you’re thinking ummmmm how is she gonna give advice when she’s been married and divorced twice. I feel ya! So we can look at it one of two ways, she has no clue and that’s why she’s divorced orrrr she’s learned a lot from her […]

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The Internal Battle is Over

The Internal Battle is Over, well at least one of many is over. I hate medication. Anyone that’s visited my website knows that I feel medication should be the lassssssst source of treatment. Of course, that depends on the person and how severe their ADHD is. I finally […]

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