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It takes ONE time

These stories that I’m hearing or reading are heartbreaking. Ladies, we need to empower ourselves to know that we are worth more than the relationships we allow ourselves to be in. Being with a partner that verbally, physically or emotionally abuses you is NOT acceptable. I understand we make […]

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More from Dr. Ferretti… Do you know someone who appears disengaged or disconnected from people? Is this person someone you are married to or in a relationship with? Some people go through life disengaged and have a difficult time with connection. Many of the clients I work […]

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Dr. Tony Ferretti People today are more disconnected from one another than ever before, in spite of advances in technology and communication.  Mainly because our connections today are not deep, personal, or intimate.  Last week I discussed the disengaged person which is reinforced by societal changes.  People […]

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