A Woman’s Worth

fdnWhat is the value of a woman? Is it something that can even be quantified? Too often I see women feeding into the negative stereotypes that permeate our culture. I’m tired of seeing women devaluing themselves. To the women reading this, know your worth. Know yourself. Know that your value isn’t determined by the man you may or may not have. Your beauty isn’t based on the size of your breasts or shape of your butt. Your worth can’t be found in the brand of purse you wear or in the style of shoes on your feet. No, your worth goes way beyond what the eyes can see. A woman’s worth can be found in her resolve, in her strength, and in her character. It’s found in her ability to inspire, and her will to succeed. Don’t stoop down to someone else’s level, unless it’s to bring them up to yours. Empower your sisters. Don’t wait for someone to come save you; save yourself. Know that you don’t need anyone else in order to validate you. And for my sisters that are in abusive relationships, leave. You don’t deserve for anyone to abuse you, be it physically, verbally, or mentally, or emotionally. You’re all beautiful, you’re all valuable, and you’re all perfectly imperfect. Just my $0.02.

By Clayton Hunt
#adhdfdn #E3Yourself

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