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2012-12-18_0003“Sometimes in life things happen to you or a family member and you can either live through it or use it to help others make the best of the same situation. In my case, I am blessed to have a son with ADHD and through all that I have learned about him, I found out my daughter and I also have ADHD.  Of course, his ADHD you can spot a mile away. He is the reason behind this foundation and through him we can touch the lives of others facing the same daily challenges.”

– Donata Joseph, Founder

With the same purpose in mind of helping others Donata took another aspect of her life and felt impressed to blog about it. She wrote a blog called Behind Closed Doors; this blog entailed some things she went through during her 7 year abusive relationship. She never imagined the response she would receive from people in different parts of the world being touched by her blog to look deeper at their relationship or to start healing from a past relationship. It’s through people reaching out to her to be “The Voice” behind a silent, yet very important topic that she decided to embrace it and be that voice.

As we take a look at ADHD and Domestic Violence we’ve come to realize that bridging the gap between mental health and healthy relationships is the key that relates to all aspects of our lives. Whether or not you struggle with a mental disorder or stuck in an abusive relationship; we all can work on elevating our mental state of mind and build healthier relationships.








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