things NO adult with ADHD says

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Booking a Flight

In the past, I purposely avoided booking flights, trains, trips, traveling plans in general…but today I had no choice but to TRY to do it on my own. Please keep in mind I do not have a fear of flying or anything of the sort. I literally started […]

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Am I jumping the gun? I think I know what it feels like to be on medication without being on medication. I am thinking so much more clearly, this is crazy. I started juicing in the morning one to two cups of fruits and veggies. Whatever I […]

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Break Time

Taking a few minutes away from work to write this post. It helps get all the stuff out my head and disconnect from what I’m doing. There are days my mind is going so fast I ask myself if my brain doesn’t get dizzy. I love the […]

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Adderall wearing off :-/

Hellllloooooo, This is definitely my spot to note what’s on my mind and what I go thru or anyone else around me goes thru, dealing with ADHD. Right now I’m at my wits end with my son’s medication wearing off. Still trying to get used to this […]

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