E³ Kids week 1

Awesome ending to a great week working with the students from OYC. Touching the lives of children 5 and up is a blessing. Part of this week the kids got to practice presentation skills. After my failed experience of doing a presentation in college, we always incorporate those skills in our sessions. Students got the opportunity to stand in front of the class and talk about whatever they wanted to for a minute and 30 seconds. Their peers judged them on 3 things: posture, eye contact and voice projection. After the students got to share constructive critisim with their peers then they were given more input on how to improve on their presentation skills. The biggest lesson our 2nd and 3rd graders learned is that your body does speak. When that question was asked, “can you speak with your body?” they said no. After demonstrating ways that your body speaks louder then words at times, they were amazed. We are looking forward to another amazing 5 weeks.

-Donata J.

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