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Had an AMAZING time with the young ladies from YMCA Lauderhill group last night. What was supposed to be one workshop to cover the book will be a series of workshops covering the book & self empowerment. Our session went by so fast. They were so happy to hear the message and loved the book. One started reading during the session lol. Our teens really do want to hear what we have to say it’s just getting them in the right setting to open up… they can’t wait to learn about meditation. Group 1 of 12, meet with group 2 today our #ladyrockets… Making my rounds during Teen dating violence awareness month. Perfect time to start sharing this message. #ITMOAV

Start the conversation with teens in your family or that you come across in your daily life. Help us to make a positive impact on our future leaders. Order your copy and share with others. DONATA: In the Mind of a Victim.

We are expanding our workshops and need your help to continue to spread this message. Every donation big or small will touch the life of a teen.

YMCA Lauderhill

YMCS Lauderhill


Lady Rockets

Our Lady Rockets are the core to the starting of our workshops. What was suppose to be an 8 week program turned into 2 years. The growth that I’ve seen and Yetunde’s seen in these young ladies since we started is amazing. It’s seeing how we’ve impacted their lives that I realized the importance of touching the lives of as many teens as I can. Using DONATA: In the Mind of a Victim as the perfect tool to start the conversation on relationships and mental empowerment.

We have 5 graduating this year. It will be bitter sweet, but in the meantime we will do all we can to continue to give them the tools to succeed in life… as we tell them constantly it starts with the mind.

There is much work to be done, help us, help them.

lady rockets book workshop

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