E3 Summer Program | Bullying

This week we covered bullying and cyberbullies with our groups. The stories that some of our kids shared about either them being a bully of being bullied by others were so heartbreaking. One of the teens had the courage to stand up and share his story of being bullied from 1st grade to 6th grade. He is in the 8th grade now. For him to deal with the pain of being bullied he constantly would cut himself. His story was so powerful it brought me to tears. I commended him on having the courage to stand up and share his story in front of all the students. I know by him doing that impacted his peers. Our teens are going through so much that as adults we can not fully comprehend because we weren’t faced with all they are faced with growing up. When you see a teen acting out show them love, talk to them, give them a hug. That may be all they need to get through that day.  
– Donata xo

E3 Summer Program | Bullying Video

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