Love Yourself 1st

 love yourself 1st

We go through life seeking love, attention, acceptance and approval from the outside world when all the while everything we need to make us happy comes from within. The love we so desperately seek from a mate is hidden deep within us. We at times wonder why a relationship is not working, we try so hard to please people but yet they can’t give us the love, attention or approval we seek… WHY? The answer is simply but yet hard to put into practice = you have to LOVE YOURSELF 1ST. Until you learn to accept and be happy with the way you are, how you think and the way you look, another person will never love you more than YOU LOVE YOURSELF.

How do you love yourself first? You’ve gone through your whole life thinking low about yourself, not loving the way you look, always wondering if what you say or do is correct, always finding fault with your body. Put yourself down when you make a mistake or fail. How in the world can you change this after doing it for so long? First, acknowledge that you are ready for a change. You are tired of doing, seeing and thinking the way you have and want to take your mind to a higher state of thinking. In order to bring in the new you have to face the old, by that I mean facing your past and dealing with hurts or fears that you have managed to shove deep down inside. Just as unwanted weeds can cause harm in your garden if left unattended. They can crowd out the flowers, starving them of valuable nutrients. That’s the same way your unresolved hurts and fears of your past crowded the beautiful person within you.

The process of learning to love yourself takes patience and work. That’s with anything in life, if you want to see changes you have to put in the work. The key is to allow yourself to heal. If you don’t dig deep to feel your pain, you won’t be able to heal from your past, which will stunt the growth of a brighter future.

You can live a happy and peaceful life. You have the power over your mind, thoughts and life!

Here are a few great books or cds that will help to get you on the right track:

may cause book




Gabrielle Bernstein






Joel Osteen


L. Hayes




Louise Hay

Part of loving yourself is taking care of you first. Below are links to help pamper yourself so you can be at your best to help others:

7 Health Benefits of Deep Relaxation 

9 Exercises for Stress Relief

Exercise and Mental Health

29 Ways to increase your feeling of self worth

More books we love…

… and you thought you were done, more resources.




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