The Cycle of Violence

break copyHoneymoon: Abusers act differently after a violent episode. Some deny or ignore the violence. Some may blame the victim for causing them to become angry. Some fear losing you so they act genuinely sorry. This is called the “honeymoon” stage. The abuser will try to make up for their violent act. Become very sorry, buy flowers, candy, cards, help around the house, go to church, spend extra time with the kids, and offer to get counseling. The abuser may seek pity. They will use anything they can think of to make you happy. This phase is an attempt to draw you back into the relationship.

Tension: This is when you constantly feel like you are walking on eggshells. Nothing you do is right. There is no way to predict what the abuser really wants. While this stage might not have physical violence there is emotional abuse, intimidation and threats.

Violence: This is the actual violent episode. It includes physical, emotional or sexual abuse. The cycle starts all over again and again and again…


Breaking the cycle of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence: Breaking the Violence

Help a woman break the cycle

Dangerous Marriage


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