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Let’s face it, majority of people have a fear of the term “mental” whether it’s followed by health, disorder or illness it doesn’t matter. The first thing most tend to think of is someone that’s crazy. Yes, we’ve come a long way from individuals being locked away in an institution. Yet still, as a society we have a long way to go in embracing that mental illness is a major concern and if individuals are assessed and treated earlier we can move from mental illness to a state of mental health. Will all individuals that are diagnosed with a mental disorder be 100% mentally healthy,  probably not. Understanding the disorder and learning ways to cope with the daily challenges that comes with the disorder can help them live a prosperous life. At thee end, they are mentally healthy in their own way.

Mental disorders also known as Psychological disorders are just as serious as physical disorders; the difference is with physical you can see what’s wrong and with a mental disorder you can’t and that’s a challenge in and of itself. It’s hard for a lot of people to accept that they have a mental disorder and having to explain to others that either don’t understand or don’t care to understand is a task.

Mental disorders affects every facet in a person’s life from work, school, relationships and how they deal with themselves. If you feel you or someone you love have a mental disorder get help. Don’t be ashamed of what others think or might say. At the end of the day YOU are what matters the most. If you don’t get the help you need you can’t help the ones you love.

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