Life after the program…

It was heart warming to see two of the young ladies we mentored for two years develop into amazing young women. It was exciting to Jackie & Sharnell finishing their freshman year of college come back to visit their high school. Lucky for us we were having our E³ Teens program at the school, so bumping into them was amazing. These young ladies came from being very closed to the point our mandatory hugs were very uncomfortable for them, to looking for the hugs if we forgot. Girls that were very timid to being a lot more opened. Girls that laughted and didn’t understand the importance of meditation and yoga to starting their own daily routine. Jackie told me she starts her day every single day with meditation and yoga. Just that alone I know we’ve made an impact in her life. Everyday she’s setting her intentions about her day and not allowing her day to rule her. I LOVE IT!!!! The Central girls #ladyrockets taught us how to be mentors and we taught them how to be better individuals. Seeing them this week was truly a blessing. 

To our lady rockets WE LOVE YOU! 



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