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We live in a world where we put so much attention on the outside… what we wear, being physically fit, how our hair and makeup looks but we rarely take that much effort to focus on the one thing that fuels everything that we do – OUR MIND. How we feel mentally starts the chain reaction on how we act, how we look, what we wear, if we workout that day or not, weather we study 100% for that test and how we interact with others. Majority of people I ask do you meditate or take some time daily for yourself the answer is always the same, “I don’t have time”. 

Stress is at an all time high, every thing is fast pace. Our children are under so much pressure not only in school, at home and even more on social media, it’s crazy. A lot of teens think that suicide is the best option to deal with their problems. This year alone, we’ve dealt with four cases. Because of this we make sure our teens learn how to meditate, we practice Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, they learn ways to decrease their stress and learn techniques to handle anxiety. It’s great our kids are learning academics but if they can’t handle the basics of life… all is lost.

Here is Mr. Antwan and some of our teens working on strengthening their minds…


If you would like our progarms offered at your school, church or organization please feel free to contact us

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