Wish there was an off switch to your thoughts?


ADHD and sleep doesn’t seem to go together well.  It’s rare to have a great night sleep.  You spend a few hours trying to shut the thoughts in your head.  As soon as the thoughts quite down ummmmm something else pops up.  That goes on for a few hours, tossing and turning till you finally fall asleep: time 4am.  You wake up in the morning feeling like you only had a good 3-4 hours, if you’re lucky.

Ways to help get a few more hours of sleep:

*start winding down an hour before bed

*no computers, ipods, phones etc. in bed

*soft background white noise or music

*especially for children try to keep the same bedtime routine

*keep a pen and paper on your night stand

I find that when I jot down my thoughts (both eyes closed, handwriting all over the page) that I can fall asleep quicker. I don’t spend the whole night trying to remember what it is I need to do the next morning.

In our home, I start putting my son to bed at 7:30pm it takes him till 8:45pm to finally wind down. That’s of course if someone doesn’t come in and get him all excited again.  What works best for him is a cup of Chamomile tea, reading a book and then go to sleep. I don’t let him watch the news or anything that has fighting or violence (computer games or video games) the images stay in his head which causes bad dreams. Anything to alleviate him from tossing and turning all night, I try to stay away from.

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